Anatole Klyosov KLYOSOV, Anatole Alex, chemist, biochemist, researcher; born Kaliningrad region, Russia, Nov. 20, 1946; came to U.S., 1990 (as a visiting Scientist and Professor - between 1974 and 1989); son of Alexey Ivan and Tamara Michael (Kuz) Klyosov; married Gail Michael Muratov, Dec. 28, 1967; children: Svetlana, Yuri. MS, Moscow State University, 1969; PhD, 1972; DSc, 1977. Scientist, Moscow State University, 1969-72, assistant professor 1972-75, senior scientist 1975-79, Professor, 1978-81; Professor, Head Carbohydrate Research Laboratory, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1981-92; Professor of Biochemistry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, 1987-1998; Vice President, Research and Development Kadant Composites (former Thermo Fibergen), 1996-2005; Consulting Vice President, LDI Composites Co. (former Kadant Composites), 2005-2006; Founder and Chief Scientist, Galectin Therapeutics (2000-2013), then Founder Emeritus and Member, Scientific Advisory Board; Visiting Lecturer Biochemistry, Harvard University, 1974-75; advisory board Council on Biotechnology, Academy of Sciences of USSR, 1981-90; chairman of commission on cellulose bioconversion, 1982-90; expert panel Biofocus Foundation, Stockholm-Washington, since 1991. Author: The Practical Course of Chemical and Enzyme Kinetics, 1976; Enzyme Catalysis, 1980; Enzymatic Degradation of Polymers, 1984; Enzyme Engineering at the Industrial Level, 1989; Wood-Plastic Composites (2007, John Wiley & Sons), and its translations and publications in China (May, 2010) and Russia (September, 2010); The Internet (Notes of a Scientist), 2010; The Origin of Man, 2010; Origin of the Slavs: DNA Genealogy against the Norman Theory, 2013; Entertaining DNA Genealogy, 2013; Origin of Slavs, DNA Genealogy Stories, 2013 (in Serbian); Aryan Peoples in the Vast Eurasia, 2015; Slavs, Caucasians, and Jews from a Viewpoint of DNA Genealogy, 2015; Jews and Pashtuns of Afghanistan: the Lost Tribes of Israel - History, Politics, and DNA Genealogy, 2015; Expertise of the Book of Veles, in 3 volumes, 2015; Who is Against DNA Genealogy, 2016; Your DNA Genealogy, 2016; DNA Genealogy From A Through T, 2016; History of the Aryans and Arbins, 2017. Title Editor and Contributor: Enzyme Engineering (1980, Plenum Press); Carbohydrate Drug Design (2006, Oxford University Press); Galectins (2008, John Wiley and Sons); Glycobiology and Drug Design (2013, Oxford University Press); Galectins and Disease: Implications for Targeted Therapeutics (2013, Oxford University Press). Recipient, the USSR Young Scientist National Prize, 1978; USSR National Prize in Science, 1984; Gold medal, USSR Science and Technology, 1988; Gold medal, Jewish Association of Cohanim Latin America, 2009. Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science (since 1989); Foreign Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (since 2014). Member: American Chemical Society, President, the Academy of DNA Genealogy. Home: 36 Walsh Road, Newton MA 02459. Office: Galectin Therapeutics, 4960 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 240, Norcross, GA 30071 (Founder Emeritus and Member, Scientific Advisory Board).  "Who's Who in America", 55th Edition, 2001, Volume 1 (A-K), p.2882, and subsequent editions; 2009, Vol. 1, p. 2693);"Who's Who in Science and Engineering", 6th Edition, 2002-2003, p.506, and subsequent editions "Who's Who in the World", 19th Edition, 2002, p.1136, and subsequent editions

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