Anatole Klyosov KLYOSOV, Anatole Alex, chemist, biochemist, researcher; born Kaliningrad region, Russia, Nov. 20, 1946; came to U.S., 1990 (as a visiting Scientist and Professor - between 1974 and 1989); son of Alexey Ivan and Tamara Michael (Kuz) Klyosov; married Gail Michael Muratov, Dec. 28, 1967; children: Svetlana, Yuri. MS, Moscow State University, 1969; PhD, 1972; DSc, 1977. Scientist, Moscow State University, 1969-72, assistant professor 1972-75, senior scientist 1975-79, Professor, 1978-81; Professor, Head Carbohydrate Research Laboratory, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1981-92; Professor of Biochemistry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, 1987-1998; Vice President, Research and Development Kadant Composites (former Thermo Fibergen), 1996-2005; Consulting Vice President, LDI Composites Co. (former Kadant Composites), 2005-2006; Founder and Chief Scientist, Galectin Therapeutics (2000-2013), then Founder Emeritus and Member, Scientific Advisory Board; Visiting Lecturer Biochemistry, Harvard University, 1974-75; advisory board Council on Biotechnology, Academy of Sciences of USSR, 1981-90; chairman of commission on cellulose bioconversion, 1982-90; expert panel Biofocus Foundation, Stockholm-Washington, since 1991. Author: The Practical Course of Chemical and Enzyme Kinetics, 1976; Enzyme Catalysis, 1980; Enzymatic Degradation of Polymers, 1984; Enzyme Engineering at the Industrial Level, 1989; Wood-Plastic Composites (2007, John Wiley & Sons), and its translations and publications in China (May, 2010) and Russia (September, 2010); The Internet (Notes of a Scientist), 2010; The Origin of Man, 2010; Origin of the Slavs: DNA Genealogy against the Norman Theory, 2013; Entertaining DNA Genealogy, 2013; Origin of Slavs, DNA Genealogy Stories, 2013 (in Serbian); Aryan Peoples in the Vast Eurasia, 2015; Slavs, Caucasians, and Jews from a Viewpoint of DNA Genealogy, 2015; Jews and Pashtuns of Afghanistan: the Lost Tribes of Israel - History, Politics, and DNA Genealogy, 2015; Expertise of the Book of Veles, in 3 volumes, 2015; Who is Against DNA Genealogy, 2016; Your DNA Genealogy, 2016; DNA Genealogy From A Through T, 2016; History of the Aryans and Arbins, 2017; Practical DNA Genealogy for Everyone, 2017. Title Editor and Contributor: Enzyme Engineering (1980, Plenum Press); Carbohydrate Drug Design (2006, Oxford University Press); Galectins (2008, John Wiley and Sons); Glycobiology and Drug Design (2013, Oxford University Press); Galectins and Disease: Implications for Targeted Therapeutics (2013, Oxford University Press). Recipient, the USSR Young Scientist National Prize, 1978; USSR National Prize in Science, 1984; Gold medal, USSR Science and Technology, 1988; Gold medal, Jewish Association of Cohanim Latin America, 2009. Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science (since 1989); Foreign Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (since 2014). Member: American Chemical Society, President, the Academy of DNA Genealogy, Moscow, Russia. Home: 36 Walsh Road, Newton MA 02459. Galectin Therapeutics, 4960 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 240, Norcross, GA 30071 (Founder Emeritus and Member, Scientific Advisory Board).  "Who's Who in America", 55th Edition, 2001, Volume 1 (A-K), p.2882, and subsequent editions; 2009, Vol. 1, p. 2693);"Who's Who in Science and Engineering", 6th Edition, 2002-2003, p.506, and subsequent editions "Who's Who in the World", 19th Edition, 2002, p.1136, and subsequent editions

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