>>> 19 Nov 1998 08:37:54
Subject: industry's driving forces
From:   Anatole Klyosov <aklyosov@WARREN.MED.HARVARD.EDU>

Let's take a company which I personally know.  To be even more specific, this is a company I work for.

It is a "green" company. It aims at removing papermaking sludge from the environment. It saves land from landfilling.  It saves our lungs from emissions from incineration plants.  It achieves this by converting sludge into value-added products, by perfectly "green" ways.  It makes money on wastes by environmentally clean methods.

What is wrong with that?? That is what I was talking about.

Dear Horst, you have said that I "went too far" with this (apparently, with an idea to make the environmental protection of a financial interest to the industry). I did not get it.  Again,our company makes money on the environmental protection.  And, as I have stated, this is a more practical way to have the (environmentally correct) job done.

Thank you for your comment.
Anatole Klyosov