>>> 20 Nov 1998 15:53:20
Subject: industry's driving forces
From: Anatole Klyosov <aklyosov@warren.med.harvard.edu>

Being a university professor a good part of my life, I still try to do some educational job.  Particularly at a forum like this, where most of participants are academics who never bet their own (or their shareholders) money on a new technology - a technology which is unproven (economically) at best, or proven to be a loser compared with the conventional technology, but looks better (in the inventor's eyes). I still think that to introduce some economics/profit-related items is a good topic at a forum on biotechnology, since a good deal of researchers as well as decision-makers (in academic circles) have a vague idea on industry's driving forces. Some of them truly believe that the industrialist SHOULD VOLUNTEER to put the environment before his profit. And then make an announcement to his shareholders - hey folks, I have a good news for you: forget about your money.  They are well spent.  Our board of directors had decided to put environment before our profit. So your future is great (is it?).

Best regards,
Anatole Klyosov