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Subject: waste to energy
From:   Anatole Klyosov <aklyosov@WARREN.MED.HARVARD.EDU>

Re: Steve Lucks waste-to-energy scenario.
From: Anatole Klyosov (aklyosov@warren.med.harvard.edu)

Steve wrote:
>I look forward to your suggestions...

I happen to be familiar with the problem and with the product, called papermaking sludge. We have extensively tested hydrolysis of papermaking sludge with cellulases, as well as with dilute and strong mineral (and organic) acids.  The best results we obtained with concentrated acids, and the process is described in detail in our patent (which has been approved a month ago). On a pilot scale we obtained 15% glucose solution with very little by-products (papermaking sludge is in fact pretty nice product, and is rejected by paper mills mainly because it contains short-fiber cellulose while papermakers prefer long-fiber material.  Also, papermaking sludge contains, as a rule, VERY little amounts of hemicellulosics and lignin, since these components have been eliminated before, during the chemical pulping process). Yes, 150 g/L glucose, with the concentrated acid almost completely recovered and re-used. Some calculations showed that glucose by this process would cost 6 to 9 cents a pound. For more information please address to: aklyosov@fibergen.tiac.net

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