My great-grandparents Nikita Goncharov (1872-1916) and Tatyana Goncharova;
their children: Alexander (1903-),Nikolai (1896-), and Zinaida (1900-1991).
Zinaida was my grandmother (mother side), Nikolai and Alexander - my great-uncles.
Tatyana Goncharova (maiden name Dmitrieva) was a noblewoman by her hereditary title (dvoryanka in Russian).
June 15, 1915.
My great-grandmother Olga Kuz (1878-, maiden name Trofimova) on the left, with her sons Alexander Kuz (1901-1919) and Mikhail Kuz (1899-1976), and Olga's sister, my great-aunt Elizaveta Trofimova.
In four years Alexander will be killed in a combat with White Guards on Russia's South; Mikhail will survive the Civil War (1918-1922) and become my grandfather (mother side).  
September 8, 1915.
Nikolai Goncharov (1896-??), my great-uncle. Fought for the White Army in the Civil War (1918-1922). After the Whites were defeated, Nikolai left Russia and was allegedly seen in Paris in 1923.
Mikhail Kuz, my grandfather.
Fought against Germany in WWI, was awarded St. George Cross for valor. After the war joined the Red Army in the Civil War. In 1919 married Zinaida Goncharova (a girl on the first picture on this page), and 27 years later they became my grandparents.

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