Alexandra Trofimova, my great-great-aunt (sister of my great-grandmother Olga) on my mother-grandfather side, and her husband (name unknown to me).
Circa 1915
Alexandra Trofimova (front), her sister Anastasia, and an unidentified person (apparently, a husband of one of them).
According to a family story, three sisters of my great-grandmother Olga (Alexandra, Anastasia and Elizaveta) went to Siberia in around 1915-1925, either voluntarily, or into exile, after the 1917 Communist Revolution. Their fate is unknown to me. All four sisters were half-Russians, half-Estonians (their father, my great-great-grandfather Eugene Trofimov, was a Russian military officer, served in Estonia (Parnu), and married an Estonian (her name is unknown to me).  
Mikhail Kuz and Zinaida Goncharova, my future grandparents.
They married in 1919, during the Civil War (1918-1922). A bitter irony - and a family tragedy - was that Zinaida's brother Nikolai (see picture on page 1) fought for the Whites, and her husband Mikhail (picture on page 1) fought for the Reds. Mikhail survived the Civil War, and fought also in WWII, ending his war journey in Germany in 1945. He was extensively decorated for his valor in WWII. Mikhail and Zinaida lived in Sovetsk (Tilzit in former East Prussia, Germany) and then in Kerch (Crimea). Mikhail died in 1976, Zinaida in 1991.
June 15, 1929.
My great-grandfather Arhip Kuz (1877-1944, my mother-grandfather side) and great-uncle Eugene Gorcharov (1907-1942, mother-grandmother side). Arhip had a kossak title, which was indicated in his passport issued on December 23, 1915 (see below). Eugene was killed in a combat with Nazis in Sevastopol (Crimea, South of Russia) in 1942.

Passport issued to Arhip Kuz on December 23, 1915. It says: name - Kossak Arhip Danilov Kuz, Religion - Russian Orthodox; Date of Birth - March 6, 1877; Profession - lettering; Married. Passport issued in the Village of Shishaki, Shishaki volost', Mirgorod uezd, Poltava gubernia.
My grandparents Mikhail Kuz (1899-1976) and Zinaida Kuz (1900-1991, maiden name Goncharova). Children - Tamara (my mother, b. 1923), uncle Anatoly (1920-1982), aunts Lydia (1925-1997) and Ludmila (b. 1938). Anatoly fought in the Navy againd Nazi Germany in WWII, and then served on the Russian fleet. Three years after this picture was taken, Tamara married Alexey Klyosov, and in four more years I was born - on a former German territory, near Konigsberg, where the Russian Army, in which my father had served, was stationed at the end and after the war.  
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